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Testimonial: Already Planning Our Next Visit

Andante by the Sea St John Vacation Rental Villa Hammock

Soooo glad we did this. We have been on a natural high ever since we stayed here. It was just the escape we needed from our crazy lives. This is the most beautiful, healing place I have ever been too.

I loved lounging on the hammock with my book and listening to the waves for hours. The lower deck was my favorite hangout because of the shade. I can't take too much sun and the views from the hammock are indescribably gorgeous.

The kids took over the pool from sun up to well into the night and loved being able to use the floats and horse around without the pool restrictions most hotels have. We love it when the kids are so busy and happy that we don't have to nag them about screen time - and they got along the whole time!

We snorkeled right on the property and the underwater view is crystal clear. I wish we'd had an underwater camera, so if you snorkel you might want to bring one. The waterfront beach down the hill from the villa is pebbly. It is not a sand castle beach. The local sandy beach was a short drive (on the left side of the road, which takes getting used to, as do the steep roads, but you get the hang of it) and is absolutely breathtaking...

Each of our kids had their own room and bathroom. Our 14 year old took the downstairs room since it is separate from the rest of the house and our 10 year old took the room closer to ours. Each kid had their own TV and this was a true godsend. For our family this was the perfect balance of everyone having time to themselves to do what they want, and time together to bond. I am just living on the memories and already planning our next visit, hopefully with extended family.

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