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The Beaches of St. John


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There are a number of beaches on St. John, from the long sandy stretch of Cinnamon Bay, to the more secluded Hawksnest Beach, Lameshur Bay and Salt Pond Bay. Explore them all or return to "your spot" every day.

St. John is much more than Trunk Bay, but it is not to be missed! Trunk Bay is often considered the most beautiful beach on St. John, and the most pristine beach in all of the Caribbean. That's no small feat!  It consistently ranks in the top 10 beaches in the world by many publications. The National Geographic Society even called it the most beautiful beach in the world. It's got a lot going for it that makes it a must-do on your next St. John vacation. 

Pair a hike or swim with your beach visit. Some beaches are so remote that you need to swim, snorkel, or kayak to them. If that sounds intimidating, you can always charter a boat or snorkeling excursion.

North Shore Beaches

Trunk Bay
St John’s most famous beach.


Cinnamon Bay Beach
The longest beach on St John.

Caneel Bay Beach
Part of the Caneel Bay Resort located within the Virgin Islands National Park. 
Hawksnest Beach
One of the more popular beaches.

Jumbie Beach
The beach was a best-kept-secret of island locals.

Salomon Bay Beach
Soft white sand and majestic coconut palms deliver a true Caribbean feel. 
Honeymoon Beach
Once the “private” beach of St John residents.
Denis Bay Beach 
Perhaps the most beautiful off-the-beaten-path St John beach.

East End Beaches

Vie’s Beach / Hansen Bay Beach
The beach is soft white sand with a couple of places to find some shade. The beach isn’t very big – but it’s rarely crowded. 
Haulover North Beach
Once rarely visited, this beach is now quite popular with snorkelers. 
Haulover South Beach

Mostly cobblestone and coral pebbles, but there are some areas of white sand with more great snorkeling.
Brown Bay Beach 
Getting there requires a short ( approx. 30 min each way) hike to a sandy, wind swept beach with plenty of shade along the narrow sand and pebble shoreline.

South Shore Beaches

Salt Pond Bay Beach
Another one of the most popular St John beaches accessible by hike. 

Drunk Bay Beach / Ram’s Head Beach

Rugged beauty accessible by hike. Go left to Drunk Bay with its rugged coral and stone shoreline, or right along the trail that leads to the crest of Ram’s Head.


Little Lameshur Beach
Just over 1.5 mi from the entrance, past Great Lameshur Bay, you’ll come to Lameshur Beach.  Soft white sand with several places to grab some shade make this a crowd pleaser. You’ll also find several picnic tables and BBQ grills. 

Great Lameshur Bay Beach
A long crescent beach of mostly stone and pebbles. This beach is usually less populated because most continue on to Little Lameshur Beach.

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