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Car Barge Ferry Services STT to STJ

We were recently on the island and wanted to update our guests about the car ferry services from St. Thomas to St. John. They have done A LOT of schedule shuffling and services have changed. Boyson's (Breeze Shipping) is no longer in business.

The two remaining car ferry services, Love City Ferries and Global Marine have reciprocity, so that you no longer have to worry that your round trip ticket won’t be honored by the other company. This gives you a little more flexibility in choosing departure times.

STT STJ Car Ferry Barge Services Schedule Information

Also, if you end up having a leftover return ticket (as we often do), the tickets from either of these companies have no expiration date (as did Boyson's). (Before, we used to give away a return Boyson’s ticket to someone who could use it within the 30 day expiration time, if we were heading back to the states.)

The biggest drawback is that the car barge ferries used to run approximately once every 1/2 hour. They now run about once per hour.

The updated car barge schedule from St. Thomas to St. John (and contact numbers for the services) can be found at this link:

The current passenger ferry schedule from St. Thomas to St. John can be found at this link:

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