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Extended Stays

Are you looking to time your getaway with cheaper airfare or a longer stay when Andante isn't available? You aren't alone. Obviously we all want to get the most bang for our buck when it comes to vacations, and maximizing your time in paradise certainly makes sense!

Since we require Saturday-to-Saturday weeklong stays at Andante, or Saturday arrival or departures for stays greater than 7 days, you may easily find yourself wondering what your best options are.

We have found that extra days (less than 7) on St. John usually have to be booked at one of the hotels or condos. They are a lot more expensive than options on St. Thomas. Because of this price difference, many guests opt to stay on St. Thomas. This is what Rich and I choose to do when we extend our stay as well.

Click here to link to TripAdvisor for the best value and top rated hotels on St. Thomas.

St Thomas Hotel Map Amenities Locations

Click here for an enlarged map courtesy of Virgin Islands Online.

Airbnb has become big on St. Thomas, but it has yet to pick up on St. John. It is an option if you are looking for stays (less than 7 days), instead of hotels. Personally, we have not found it cheaper than hotel or condo options on St. Thomas once you add in taxes and fees. Please be aware that most hotels and travel sites quote the nightly fees without including a 20-25% service charge, which includes the 12.5% hotel tax. Some of the Airbnb listings add the hotel tax and some don’t. Also be mindful that some add a cleaning fee (it varies) too.

Click here to link to Airbnb for available properties on St. Thomas.

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