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St. John is the Family Vacation Location

St. John is a perfect vacation spot for families with young – or not so young – kids. It truly has something for everyone from lounging and relaxing to hiking and swimming. St. John has pristine water and the beaches have white, silky sand and gentle entrances. Younger children can stay at the water’s edge and watch little fish swimming by. St. John is the perfect spot to introduce your kids (or anyone else) to the joys of swimming or snorkeling. Stay with us at Andante and take a real island vacation with your whole family without worry of what to do, when to do it, and how will I keep everyone happy!

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St. John is very family friendly. If you are traveling with your kids (even if they are adults themselves now) you will find St. John a fabulous destination. The island atmosphere of restaurant and shop owners are sure to please everyone. Don't hesitate to choose St. John as your vacation spot. We really believe that it will exceed your expectations! That's why we are happy to take time talking with you during the booking process whether or not you ultimately choose Andante. We are passionate about the island and want to ensure your vacation is nothing less than spectacular.


St. John beaches are very kid friendly. Frommer's rates St. John as one of the top 100 spots to take kids! It makes sense to us. With crystal clear water that is warm year-round, how could you go wrong? And when we say clear, we mean clear enough for little kids to stand at the water's edge see their toes and watch as fish swim by. St. John has virtually no undertow, and the National Park beaches are "easy entry" beaches, no big or dangerous drop offs to worry about for those just learning to swim.

Not to mention the variety of beaches that St. John has. There are beaches for snorkeling (like Cinnamon Bay), and beaches for shell picking and beach combing (try Hart Bay, which happens to be the beach you'll have access to via a trail from the villa. The public has limited water access and it is often overlooked because of it.) We also have the world renowned Trunk Bay. It's just the place if you are visiting with children because you'll enjoy amenities like flush toilets, snack bar and lifeguards.


St. John is not lacking when it comes to restaurants that will welcome children. Nearly all do, but like anywhere, some will be more fun for kids than others. That may translate into more fun for you too!

Cruz Bay has a large selection of restaurants. Try Wharfside restaurants like High Tide, The Balcony at Cruz Bay, Cruz Bay Deli & Pizzeria or Waterfront Bistro if your kids get antsy while they wait for a meal. Since these restaurants are located right on the beach, the kids can play while they wait!

If you head east, try Miss Lucy's or Vie's Snack Shack. Kids are entertained by roaming kitties and chickens, maybe even a goat or two! If burgers are their thing, give Skinny Legs a try in Coral Bay. It is all about the food, after all.


There's no way you can lug everything you'll need for your little one to St. John. So plan on renting some necessities. Bring less and avoid the stress! Check out Island Baby. Looking for a hand on more than just equipment? Christy's of St. John offers grocery provisions, arrival meals, platters and more! No one wants to worry about food as soon as they get to their destination, and with this service, you don't have to! Arrive at Andante to a fully stocked fridge with cold beverages waiting to be sipped poolside.

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