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Things To Do: 8 Tuff Miles

Are you looking to get in some exercise on your island vacation to St. John? How does a world-renowned race sound? Run it or walk it – your choice. This race is entering its 22nd year in February 2018. 8 Tuff Miles has ballooned to over 1100 finishers in 2016 from just 21 finishers in 1997.

This course begins and ends at sea level. Along the way you will reach an elevation of 999 ft. There is approximately 1400 ft. of elevation gain in the first 5 1/2 miles and then it's back to sea level. The course actually measures 8.38 miles. The temperature at the start of the race is usually in the low 80's.

8 Tuff Miles Running Race View St John Highest Point Elevation

The race begins on the west end of the island of St. John, Virgin Islands and travels in an east direction. The starting line is located at the National Park Visitor Center in Cruz Bay at an elevation of about 5 feet. The highest point on the course is 999 feet (equivalent to climbing to the 86th floor of the Empire State Building) and the finish line is back to near sea level in Coral Bay. Over the years many stateside residents have programmed their treadmills and turned up the heat in their home gyms to mimic the course for their personal training proposes.

The 8 Tuff Miles Road Race St John USVI

Be sure to register. There are finisher medals for each entry that completes the course, and all entries who complete the course will receive an official race T- shirt. There are 14 age group awards both male and female – top 3 in each group. Over 85 awards are handed out every year.

Curious as to where your registration money goes? About a quarter of it is used to cover costs for prizes, awards and t-shirts. Another third goes to administration expenses, supplies and equipment, food and drink and advertising. All the rest goes to scholarships and beneficiaries including a sponsored child from the Philippines, St. John Landsharks, St. John Rescue, The Moravian Church and Love City Pan Dragons of St. John.

Interested? Plan ahead! Book your stay with us at Andante for any of the coming years. (Subject to change, see site for any updates of find them on Facebook.)


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