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Our Latest St. John Visit: Businesses

On the first morning, we awakened to an amazing painted sky reflecting the sunrise.

St. John Villa Rental Sunrise

One of the first new additions we delighted in was a wonderful ceramic plaque that was made by one of our first guests after the restoration. We are so grateful to Elizabeth Carlton of Elizabeth Carlton Studios (check out her works on Facebook) for this gorgeous plaque that now occupies a place of honor overlooking the pool deck.

Another great sign of the wonderful progress of restoration, is the “Market Place” in St. John and how all of the business are fully stocked and running strong. St. John Hardware is a great local hardware store. The owners are incredibly knowledgeable and always available to help brainstorm and lend their expertise for whatever solution you seek. While Home Depot in St. Thomas definitely plays a role in supplying larger equipment and building supplies, there is nothing like being able to run down to the local hardware store when you are in the middle of a project and you need that special piece to complete it. This is a picture of our property manager, John Obbagy, in the well stocked aisles.

Starfish Market has consolidated back to one store with a wine, liquor and gourmet section and is fully stocked, including a deli bar with prepared hot and cold foods. Sam and Jacks deli on the 3rd floor is open for its famous sandwiches and prepared dishes. One of our favorite island “hole in the wall” restaurants, Ellas, closed before the hurricanes. But in it’s place we saw this sign:

Shaibu's Gourmet Grab & Go Food

We are so looking forward to returning and checking this new establishment out!

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