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Trunk Bay Is In Our Backyard

Trunk Bay is often considered the most beautiful beach on St. John, and the most pristine beach in all of the Caribbean. That's no small feat! It consistently ranks in the top 10 beaches in the world by many publications. The National Geographic Society even called it the most beautiful beach in the world. It's got a lot going for it that make it a must-do on your next St. John vacation.

Trunk Bay Saint John USVI National Park

One of the reasons Trunk Bay is so pristine is because it is a part of Virgin Islands National Park. The beach and offshore coral reefs are beautiful and well-preserved. Snorkeling and scuba diving abound. There is even an underwater snorkeling trail that is 225-yards long. (Snorkel equipment rentals are available.) Snorkelers report seeing barracuda, octopus, sting rays, sea turtles, coral and a wide range of tropical fish.

Winter, spring, summer or fall – the temperature is almost the same year round. Swimming in the sea is warm whether it's summer or winter. Come in the off-season (May-December) for less crowds, but similar weather. You can expect clean, calm, crystal-clear water the glitters off the white sand. If you want to swim, sunbathe or snorkel (especially with others around if help is needed), this is an ideal destination.

The beach is family friendly, too. It's a safe place to swim since there is little surf, but lifeguards are still on-site. The beach also has restrooms, showers, snack bar and gift shop. The snack bar can get busy and is limited, so we suggest that you may want to pack your own lunch and snacks. Keep in mind that no glass bottles are allowed.

Trunk Bay is short on negatives, but one is it is the only National Park beach that you have to pay to visit. A Trunk Bay Day Pass is currently $5.00. Another downside can be crowds because of its popularity, but still it rarely is overcrowded. And like anything that is well traveled, the coral has been affected by the frequent use of the snorkeling trail.

If Trunk Bay is on your bucket list, stay with us at Andante by the Sea. Utilize your rental car to stay after the tourists return to their cruise ships (about 4pm) and others visiting from St. Thomas go to catch their ferries. Better yet, go on a non=cruise ship day. You'll be left with a virtually private beach... that happens to be one of the best in the whole world.

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