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What You Like Best

This is what we like to hear! When we chose this location for Andante by the Sea, we fell in love with a view that is second to none. It takes your breath away. We're happy to hear that you agree. Here are some comments from our past guests about what they liked best about the villa and their time at Andante by the Sea.

Saint John Deck View Andante by the Sea Poolside


"Killer views! Pool and hot tub, indoor and outdoor tables, beach chairs and towels." "EVERYTHING!" "Sitting at the dining table looking at the amazing view with my wonderful family." "Views – EVERYTHING! Pictures don't do this place justice. The beauty is a shock to the senses when you get there." "The view!" "The views of the bay." "The cleanliness and the views." "The aesthetic aspect of the villa was perfect!" "The privacy."

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