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Dining on the Island: St. John


If you are not inclined to cook, there are some great restaurants here in St. John ranging from funky to fabulous. These are the restaurants with which are personally familiar and certainly not a comprehensive list:

Asolare Restaurant Dining St John USVI Virgin Islands Patio Sunset

  • Asolare: 340-770-4747. Located at the beginning of Route 20, the North Shore Road, at the top of the hill, leaving Cruz Bay. Cuisine is French/Asian. Food and ambiance are well worth at least one visit. We like to dine on the patio overlooking the harbor. Reservations are highly recommended. They will not guarantee an outdoor table, but they can give you an idea of the best time to get there, if you want one. We always like to time our drinks and dinner for sunsets. Sunsets are magnificent when viewed from the patio. If you have time before dinner or even during dinner, check out their mixologist extraordinaire, Kim. She is always concocting new, original, wonderful, exotic drinks that you can find nowhere else. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEIR WEB SITE

  • The Lime Inn: 340-776-6425 Unique unusual menu with a lot of seafood. Reasonably priced and located right in Cruz Bay. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEIR WEB SITE

  • ZoZo’s: 340-693-9200 They were originally located a few steps up from Woody’s Seafood, but they have since moved a few times and their new home is in the Caneel Bay Resort Plantation, on the grounds of the sugar mill ruins. This restaurant has always come highly recommended by our guests for years. It is a fantastic venue with amazing sunset views. We have eaten at the new venue a few times, and definitely plan to return. Their food offerings were wonderful and not skimpy. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEIR WEB SITE

  • Rhumline’s: 340-776-0303 We have tried this Courtyard restaurant and found it to have great food and reasonable prices. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEIR WEB SITE​

  • Driftwood David's: 740-777-4015 Cruz Bay, Lumber Yard. Open air. Nice aromas always drift to street level. Good barbecue. Favorable reviews on TripAdvisor especially for their ribs.

  • The Fatty Crab: 340-775-9951 Cruz Bay on road up to the traffic circle, Malaysian/American fusion. Received generally favorable reviews on TripAdvisor, and with many of our guests. We have not tried it as of yet. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEIR WEB SITE​

  • Sam & Jack’s Deli: 340-714-3354 The Market Place, 3rd Floor. Eat in or take out. Great for getting picnic lunches made to take to beach. Very highly rated on TripAdvisor. Extensive takeout menu. From the owners and chefs of ZoZo’s. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEIR WEB SITE​

  • The Fish Trap: 340-776-0580 Located in Cruz Bay at the Raintree Inn. Very fresh seafood dishes. Nationally famous desserts. Reservations not necessary. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEIR WEB SITE​

  • Morgan’s Mango: 340-693-8141 Guests of ours recently ate there and remarked that the food was surprisingly good, but that the margaritas, for which they are known, were nothing to write home about. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEIR WEB SITE​

  • Sogo’s: 340-779-4404 Cruz Bay, on the next street over from the waterfront and Wharfside Village. No Views. A great place to sample local cooking. They also have American and vegetarian dishes. The staff is lovely and helpful. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEIR WEB SITE​

  • De Coal Pot: 340-777-2625 Located on the same one-way street as the Fish Trap, the Lime Inn and Sogo’s. Local Caribbean flair. The word is the food is very good. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEIR WEB SITE​

  • Woody’s Seafood Saloon: 340-779-4625 Cruz Bay. This is a little hole-in-the wall seafood joint and bar. It’s so small that most of the seating is at a few tables outside on a very narrow sidewalk. Several of our guests have raved about it and it is exceedingly popular. Recommended by locals and tourists alike. Friendly, fun staff that helps make the total experience. Popular happy hour on STJ. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEIR WEB SITE​

  • Jake's Restaurant: 340-777-7115 Above the Lumber Yard and Cruz Bay Watersports. They have all-day breakfast, and they excel at this. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEIR WEB SITE​

  • Ocean Grill: 340-693-3304 Mongoose Junction. We’ve heard good things. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEIR WEB SITE​

  • Aqua Bistro: 340-776-5336 Coral Bay. Good reviews on TripAdvisor. Our friends tell us they have a smoking Friday night “PonzuTuna”. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEIR WEB SITE​

  • Skinny Legs: 340-779-4982 Coral Bay. You will see several recommendations for this funky hamburger joint in our guest comment book. We decided to go try it out. The hamburgers are truly spectacular, but if you are a vegetarian or not a red meat eater, their salads are wonderful and amazingly fresh and they have chicken and fish as well. Neither of us are beer drinkers, nor do we eat a lot of red meat, but both of us remarked on how just sitting there gives you a hankering for a beer and a burger. A fun place. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEIR WEB SITE​

  • Sweet Plantains: 340-777-4653 Coral Bay. Fabulous local food. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEIR WEB SITE​

  • Ms. Lucy’s: 340-693-5244 Coral Bay. A funky mostly outdoors, seaside home-cooking restaurant, complete with “yard fowl” and the elderly Ms. Lucy tending her baby goats. A great place to while away the hours on a lazy Sunday morning. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEIR WEB SITE​

  • Ronnie’s Pizza: 340-693-7700 Deliveries and dine in. Great pizza on the island.

  • Etta’s: Marketplace. Little hole-in-the-wall with great Caribbean cooking for take-out only. They also do great breakfasts. They do not take credit cards, but prices are reasonable and food is great when you have a hankering for local cuisine. There are bistro tables throughout the Marketplace if you wish to dine right there.

  • DaLivio: 340-779-8900 Near Lime Inn, De Coal Pot, and next to Sogo's. .One of our guests tells us that this is the best Italian cooking and pizzas on the island. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEIR WEB SITE​

  • Uncle Joe’s Barbecue: 340-693-8806 Located along the Waterfront across from the Post Office. This is a favorite of many island visitors. Eat in on their patio or take out.

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