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Trunk Bay Beach


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Trunk Bay is actively managed by the National Parks Service and includes shower & bathroom facilities, food & drink (blended drinks and beer too!), as well as rental equipment.  You’ll find plenty of beautiful white sand beach, coconut palms, aqua blue water and terrific snorkeling. Trunk Bay is the only St. John beach with a lifeguard(s); and the only beach with an admission fee.


The bay is home to Trunk Cay (small island) that marks the Coral Reef Underwater Park Trail. Trunk Bay with its Underwater Trail is a great place especially for beginners and anyone who wants to learn about St John’s marine life. The Underwater Trail has clearly labeled plaques along the trail which label the different types of coral as well as the multitude of fish that live in our waters. The trail is located on the left side of the cay (as you face the water from the beach) and extends about 300′ along the cay.

Many guests love this beach for both the facilities and the different options including sunbathing, body surfing, swimming, and vast snorkeling.

Reminder: This is a paid access beach. National Park Rates for Trunk Bay start at $5/person per day.

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