Yoga on St. John


If yoga is your thing,​ chances are you'll be able to find a class or book a session. There are lots of experienced yoga instructors on St. John, and there are yoga classes going on just about every day some place. Or you could get really crazy and try a SUP (Stand-up Paddleboarding) yoga class!

Do Yoga St. John

This site exists to help you find yoga. Regularly scheduled yoga classes are held almost daily throughout the island.  See the calendar for times and locations. Instructors are available for private classes or group class at your home or vacation villa.  See the section on teachers to find out more about who may be available for classes.

SUP Yoga St. John

Book a session with Lucy and enjoy a 2-hour yoga session on a stand-up paddle board in paradise! The session starts with an explanation of the paddleboarding basics, then a Yoga Warm Up that works exactly those muscles you will need to paddle, then comes a paddling part, another Yoga part, then more paddling and the session ends with a Yoga cool down. You will feel amazing afterwards. Don’t worry if you have never paddled before, you will learn everything you need.

The lesson can take place on a beach (they have SUP yoga anchors or can tie the boards to a mooring ball). SUP St. John has the new Fanatic Fly Air Fit Inflatable SUP Yoga Boards, which are ideal for SUP Yoga, super wide and stable and with multiple straps to store the paddle and tie up the boards.


Pricing: $75 for 2 hour private lesson (one on one), $65 per person for 2 or more. Click here to learn more.

Virgin Islands EcoTours – SUP Yoga

Come out to Honeymoon Beach for Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga. SUP yoga has combined stand up paddleboarding and yoga to bring you back to breath, movement and presence, not only on the mat but in your every day life. SUP yoga will tone your core, build your stability and provide you with a fun learning environment to play and experience freedom with your practice outside the studio. Class cost is $59 per person for a 90 minute class with a paddle board lesson included. No experience necessary.


Click here to learn more and book your class.

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